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Chalina8787, that's all I know about you.. I met you during AngelChat_3. My username is Dbagginan.. I think you're awesome

Posted By: Dereck

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I saw this girl during homecoming and asked if I could take her picture, I've never seen her since. She goes to UCLA..please If anyone knows her email me.

Posted by: Jack Dawning ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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So Want To Be With Alicia Puccini

I met Alicia Puccini Through an email about a mutual Person. (FACEBOOK)

Posted By: OTM

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Forever Love

I met Shu-Lim online about a year ago. She's a single mother of a cute 2 year old baby girl named Xia-Chung, and we met through a mutual friend who does business with Shu-Lim's father in Hong-Kong.  I've never met her in person, and all comunication has been either through Facebook or Skype, but one thing I know is that I've fallen in love with both of them.  I wanna marry her and bring them to the US, however I cannot tell her, I don't know how she will react if I tell her my plans? will she want to move a world away from her parents? will being together for the first time prove challenging? it's a tought decision, but I must be wise.

Posted By: Mauricio Smithernes

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